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The Janus Imperative: Bridging Business Silos via Analytics

December 17, 2014

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Analytics professionals should keep a persistent eye open for opportunities to create cross-functional insights from data. Insights can frequently be leveraged across multiple business domains. However, business silos can restrict ‘forest for the trees’ visibility. To the degree analytics has cross-functional exposure in the organization, for instance via a C-level champion and an Analytics Center […]

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The Organization as a Decision Making ‘Brain’

May 25, 2013


The Organizational Brain

An engaging perspective concerning organizational decision making dynamics is that an organization can be seen as a type of decision making computational system.  An organization is composed of an assemblage of agents held together, in tension, by incentives (some shared, some selfish), assessment systems, and decision rights (power) accompanied with access to knowledge, some of […]

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Analytics insight from biological systems

June 6, 2012


bio- systems analytics as management metaphor

Network structures and information signaling patterns gleaned from the biological world may provide more than metaphoric insight into business analytics.  With deeper insight into biology from an information systems perspective, patterns for optimal analytics architectural solution patterns may be derived. Extrapolating from cellular signaling network research, organizations can similarly be studied using Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Multi-Agent […]

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