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Cybersecurity Big Data Overload?

October 22, 2017

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Overview: The Cyber Big Data Conundrum Organizations are challenged with the spiraling overhead associated with storing and processing ever inflating sets of cybersecurity data. Many admit they are struggling to evidence improved security event detection and decision making. A growing realization is that big data must be turned into smart data: relevant, high-quality data which […]

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Innovation management: integrated techno-economic analysis

February 15, 2013


Innovation Management

Innovation management is increasingly  fraught with uncertainties, complexity, and ‘information overload’.  Emerging analytics methods and tools can be integrated to drive and streamline decision making in complex, uncertainty-laden environments. SARK7 utilizes an integrated ‘techno-economic analysis’ process to structure and streamline innovation decision-making.  The integrated modeling and simulation framework guides strategic decision making via a like-to-like […]

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