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Open Call: Cybersecurity Data Scientist Practitioner Research

October 20, 2018


October 20th, 2018 Dear Cybersecurity Data Scientist Colleague, For an academic research publication, I am interviewing cybersecurity data scientists concerning practitioner perceptions of trends, challenges, and best practices. I would be greatly appreciative should you be willing to contribute to the community via a 30 minute interview. LIST OF QUESTIONS TO BE COVERED (open response […]

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Network analytics: more than pretty pictures

August 14, 2014


Network analysis is a rapidly growing analytics domain propelled by the explosion of interest in social networking. The methods rest upon much older foundations in the realms of statistics and social science. Euler’s graph theory was proposed in the early 18th century and Moreno established the foundations for social network analysis (SNA) in the 1930’s. Want […]

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When analytics fails: fueled by randomness

July 15, 2014


Fueled by randomness

As an analytics professional, it may perhaps be no surprise that I believe in a world which is susceptible to analysis – a world which yields to scientific inquiry. Further, I believe that if we invest effort, if we exert what Kahneman would call our System 2, we can improve decisions and overcome our tendency […]

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TedX: Data Science and Our Magical Minds

December 15, 2013

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A TedX talk I gave November 18th 2013 in Rotterdam, Netherlands at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM). This talk distills many of the thoughts discussed in this blog. If you like it, please forward! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4d1DArZKgo

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Architecting the evidence-based firm: technical challenges and organizational approaches

March 6, 2013


architecting the evidence-based firm

Global organizations are beset by expanding complexity bearing accompanying uncertainty. In the wake of the still-unfolding Global Financial Crisis, an awareness of the destabilizing repercussions of misaligned incentives across an increasingly interconnected world are emerging, whether the frame be the mortgage industry, as per the U.S. subprime mortgage meltdown; securities portfolio management, via reoccurring trading […]

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