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What is Cybersecurity Data Science?

October 11, 2019


Cybersecurity Data Science (CSDS) is a rapidly emerging profession focused on applying data science to prevent, detect, and remediate expanding and evolving cybersecurity threats. CSDS is increasingly formally recognized as a cybersecurity job specialty, for instance in the NIST NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. A proposed CSDS definition derived from multiple sources: CSDS is the practice of […]

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Wait… is data science even a thing?

April 28, 2019


Among my greatly respected global colleagues and friends on LinkedIn, there seem to be persistent, circular debates concerning the nature and viability of the data science profession. Opinions seem to run the gamut from ‘data science is the best thing since sliced bread and will take over the world’ to ‘data science is a weak, […]

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Anti money laundering (AML): the network graph analytics approach

October 10, 2014


The fight against fraud and AML often hits a ‘brick wall’ when encountering labyrinthian international, corporate structures. Even well-known brands such as Google and Starbucks, use controversial, though currently accepted, international structures to optimize capital flows and to reduce tax liabilities, for instance the so-called Double Irish or Dutch Sandwich. Due to this complexity, increasingly […]

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Analytics, Big Data, and the Future of Management: RSM Leadership Summit 2014

October 4, 2014

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Summary of the 2014 RSM Leadership Summit ‘Big Data, What’s in it for Me?’

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Network analytics: more than pretty pictures

August 14, 2014


Network analysis is a rapidly growing analytics domain propelled by the explosion of interest in social networking. The methods rest upon much older foundations in the realms of statistics and social science. Euler’s graph theory was proposed in the early 18th century and Moreno established the foundations for social network analysis (SNA) in the 1930’s. Want […]

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Analytics and Belief: The Struggle for Truth

September 8, 2013

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Increasingly sophisticated analytics tools and methods are available to derive business insight from data.  However, as a discipline which drives insight from data, the crucial ‘last step’ in the analytics process is about organizational decision making.  A sophisticated, intensive analysis may all be for naught if the crucial last step, framing and committing to a decision, misses the […]

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Business Analytics Model Risk Working Group

June 19, 2013

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  This is a review committee working group for practitioners and academics to establish a formal definition and set of classification criteria regarding business analytics model risk. This group has been established based upon interest and feedback concerning a recent set of posts regarding business analytics model risk: http://tinyurl.com/ktabt3q For those interested, you can join the […]

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Adopting Analytics Culture: 6. What information is gained from social network analysis? (6 of 7)

June 17, 2013


social network

PART 6 OF 7 IN A SERIES ON ADOPTING ANALYTICS CULTURE LINK TO HEADER ARTICLE LINK TO PREVIOUS ARTICLE (5 of 7) 6.    What particular information is gained from social network analysis and how is it interpreted? To recap, we have established that adopting analytics culture requires organizational change management.  Beyond analytics technology and expertise, […]

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Adopting Analytics Culture: 4. Why is the change management track record so poor? (4 of 7)

June 11, 2013



PART 4 OF 7 IN A SERIES ON ADOPTING ANALYTICS CULTURE LINK TO HEADER ARTICLE LINK TO PREVIOUS IN SERIES (3 of 7) 4.  Why is the change management track record so poor? Why are the results of change management initiatives so unpredictable and the outcomes so uncertain?  Earlier in this series, it was proposed […]

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Business analytics model risk (part 4 of 5): categorizing model risk

June 5, 2013


model risk

Business analytics model risk (part 4 of 5):  categorizing model risk Following from article 3 of 5 on Business Analytics Model Risk Link to introductory header article (0 of 5) Model risk cannot easily be spoken of as a singular entity.  The topic is complicated in that there are multiple ways of categorizing model risk.  As […]

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