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Correlation versus Causation: The Science, Art, and Magic of Experimental Design

August 17, 2013



Recently I was chastised for being ‘unnecessarily obscure’ for reacting to a specious conclusion by suggesting that it risked ‘conflating correlation with causation’. Guilty as charged!  I apologize:  the expression is quite a mouthful and requires unraveling for those unfamiliar with the nuances of the applied experimental method.  However, I feel passionately that this concept […]

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Business analytics: 50,000 year overnight success

June 4, 2012

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From all the recent airplay on the topic of ‘analytics’, trending under the guise of rapidly proliferating marketing buzz-terms such as ‘Big Data’ and emerging computational practices such as ‘Machine Learning’, one might easily get the notion that ‘business analytics’ is a recent innovation. My mission, and the intention of this humble blog is to […]

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