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Data Science – Tools and Methods: Practitioner Perspectives

April 20, 2017


Data Science – Tools and Methods: Practitioner Perspectives Erasmus University Rotterdam lecture to Masters of Business and Information Management (BIM) students for Big Data and Business Analytics class. Wednesday, April 12th, 2017.  

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Anti money laundering (AML): the network graph analytics approach

October 10, 2014


The fight against fraud and AML often hits a ‘brick wall’ when encountering labyrinthian international, corporate structures. Even well-known brands such as Google and Starbucks, use controversial, though currently accepted, international structures to optimize capital flows and to reduce tax liabilities, for instance the so-called Double Irish or Dutch Sandwich. Due to this complexity, increasingly […]

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Manager-machine: analytics, artificial intelligence, and the uncertain future of management

October 7, 2014



As many traditional industrial age business functions become subject to disintermediation by automation and expert analytics systems, new industries and value propositions will need to be framed by an emerging generation of leaders.

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Analytics, Big Data, and the Future of Management: RSM Leadership Summit 2014

October 4, 2014

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Summary of the 2014 RSM Leadership Summit ‘Big Data, What’s in it for Me?’

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Excuse me, do you speak fraud?

August 18, 2014


Excuse me, do you speak fraud? Network graph analysis for fraud detection and mitigation by Scott Mongeau Executive summary Network analysis offers a new set of techniques to tackle the persistent and growing problem of complex fraud. Network analysis supplements traditional techniques by providing a mechanism to bridge investigative and analytics methods. Beyond base visualization, […]

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Tell me… how ugly is your bad data?

August 14, 2014


Ugly data

The adage ‘garbage-in-garbage-out’ is an analytics mantra so ingrained it has its own shorthand: GIGO. Yet, in the mad, blind rush toward all things ‘big data’, there is the danger of sidelining the crucial-but-dreary topic of data quality, to which GIGO refers. While data quality is not as ‘sexy’ as big data, anyone who wants […]

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Network analytics: more than pretty pictures

August 14, 2014


Network analysis is a rapidly growing analytics domain propelled by the explosion of interest in social networking. The methods rest upon much older foundations in the realms of statistics and social science. Euler’s graph theory was proposed in the early 18th century and Moreno established the foundations for social network analysis (SNA) in the 1930’s. Want […]

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Business Analytics as a Decision Process

April 5, 2014


social network

A Lighthouse in the Fog: Navigating Stormy Seas Using Business Analytics The amount of data generated globally doubles every two years. In 2012, the world created a staggering 2.7 zettabytes of data, and this figure is expected to surmount 86 zettabytes by 2022. Meanwhile, businesses struggle to maintain their competitiveness in a shifting world of […]

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Data science as an experimental process: unsupervised and supervised learning

August 17, 2013


Data Science

As a companion to my recent post “Correlation versus Causation: The Science, Art, and Magic of Experimental Design”, I wanted to offer a more technical exposition concerning data science approaches to focused causal model development. A fundamental question faced by business analytics professionals and data scientists is whether they have a working correlative and causal […]

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