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Manager-machine: analytics, artificial intelligence, and the uncertain future of management

October 7, 2014



As many traditional industrial age business functions become subject to disintermediation by automation and expert analytics systems, new industries and value propositions will need to be framed by an emerging generation of leaders.

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Network analytics: more than pretty pictures

August 14, 2014


Network analysis is a rapidly growing analytics domain propelled by the explosion of interest in social networking. The methods rest upon much older foundations in the realms of statistics and social science. Euler’s graph theory was proposed in the early 18th century and Moreno established the foundations for social network analysis (SNA) in the 1930’s. Want […]

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Business Analytics as a Decision Process

April 5, 2014


social network

A Lighthouse in the Fog: Navigating Stormy Seas Using Business Analytics The amount of data generated globally doubles every two years. In 2012, the world created a staggering 2.7 zettabytes of data, and this figure is expected to surmount 86 zettabytes by 2022. Meanwhile, businesses struggle to maintain their competitiveness in a shifting world of […]

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