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Seven Questions on Adopting Analytics Culture (0 of 7)

May 25, 2013


Seven Questions on Adopting Analytics Culture Blogging from the INSNA Sunbelt XXXIII Social Network Analysis (SNA) conference in Hamburg, Germany May 21st – 26th, 2013 The BAM! blog has of late focused on the most challenging aspect of adopting business analytics: organizational factors. This post launches a series of linked articles digging in deep on […]

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The Once and Future King: Is Anglo-Saxon Business Culture Its Own Worst Enemy?

May 19, 2013


Recent research has suggested that political and cultural organizational factors are the greatest challenge in adopting advanced decision analytics programs (articles referenced below).  ‘Analytics culture’ is framed as being a complex of: 1) fact-driven leadership, 2) expertise (tools and skills), and 3) processes (linking analytical insight to strategy and operational decision making). Critics and commentators […]

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Y2020 B3: the great baby boomer brain drain & machine learning

June 7, 2012


Baby Boomer Retirement Brain Drain Crisis

. The en masse retirement of Baby Boomer generation professionals underway is witnessing an unprecedented ‘brain drain’ from a host of industries in the industrialized world.  Can Machine Learning methods be used to capture some of this exiting expertise?   The untimely, and arguably demographically linked, Global Economic Crisis underway has unfortunately pushed rigorous ‘expert […]

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