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Resolving Confusions: AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

May 16, 2018


SAS recently produced a helpful video to cut through the misunderstandings that have developed in the market concerning the distinctions between AI, machine learning, and deep learning (many marketers using the terms interchangeably) In summary: > AI is a term for a solution which often utilizes machine learning as a component method to emulate human […]

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Cognitive analytics: practitioner perspectives (RSM lecture)

April 29, 2015


Data Science

With a number of recent Hollywood films representing intelligent machines as either hero or villain, the subject of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has attracted the imagination of the media and popular culture. On the practical engineering side, over the past decade humanity’s age-old dream of developing intelligent machines has experienced rapid development.  The prospect of expert […]

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Manager-machine: analytics, artificial intelligence, and the uncertain future of management

October 7, 2014



As many traditional industrial age business functions become subject to disintermediation by automation and expert analytics systems, new industries and value propositions will need to be framed by an emerging generation of leaders.

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