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Wait… is data science even a thing?

April 28, 2019


Among my greatly respected global colleagues and friends on LinkedIn, there seem to be persistent, circular debates concerning the nature and viability of the data science profession. Opinions seem to run the gamut from ‘data science is the best thing since sliced bread and will take over the world’ to ‘data science is a weak, […]

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Why is ‘data scientist’ a contentious title?

September 30, 2015


The Organizational Brain

In my work and university lecturing, I speak with many senior leaders, experienced professionals, young professionals, and students, many interested in either hiring, transitioning into, or becoming a ‘data scientist’.  The title, however, is quite contentious. Why is this?  Essentially, there is a great deal of confusion related to this new field, and it will take some time […]

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The Janus Imperative: Bridging Business Silos via Analytics

December 17, 2014

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Analytics professionals should keep a persistent eye open for opportunities to create cross-functional insights from data. Insights can frequently be leveraged across multiple business domains. However, business silos can restrict ‘forest for the trees’ visibility. To the degree analytics has cross-functional exposure in the organization, for instance via a C-level champion and an Analytics Center […]

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Manager-machine: analytics, artificial intelligence, and the uncertain future of management

October 7, 2014



As many traditional industrial age business functions become subject to disintermediation by automation and expert analytics systems, new industries and value propositions will need to be framed by an emerging generation of leaders.

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Analytics, Big Data, and the Future of Management: RSM Leadership Summit 2014

October 4, 2014

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Summary of the 2014 RSM Leadership Summit ‘Big Data, What’s in it for Me?’

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Tell me… how ugly is your bad data?

August 14, 2014


Ugly data

The adage ‘garbage-in-garbage-out’ is an analytics mantra so ingrained it has its own shorthand: GIGO. Yet, in the mad, blind rush toward all things ‘big data’, there is the danger of sidelining the crucial-but-dreary topic of data quality, to which GIGO refers. While data quality is not as ‘sexy’ as big data, anyone who wants […]

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Adopting Analytics Culture: 2. Is Change Management Effective? (2 of 7)

June 1, 2013


Change Management

PART 2 OF 7 IN A SERIES ON ADOPTING ANALYTICS CULTURE LINK TO HEADER ARTICLE LINK TO PREVIOUS ARTICLE IN SERIES (1 of 7) 2.  Is change management effective? When organizational change initiatives are undertaken, there is a common assumption that, after some struggling, the firm will improve.  With reorganizations there is often an assumption […]

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