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Reblog: How to use phone calls and network analysis to identify criminals

January 13, 2015


An excellent, hands-on demonstration of the power of social network analysis (SNA) via graph analytics to detect criminality¬†from colleagues at Linkurious and a U.S.-based police detective: SNA at times can seem too theoretical to stakeholders – this is an excellent example of a hands-on, engineering focused application with real practical value.¬† Applies Neo4J graph […]

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HBR: The Discipline of Business Experimentation

January 1, 2015


Link to Harvard Business Review article on experimentation and analytics in business settings Soon after Ron Johnson left Apple to become the CEO of J.C. Penney, in 2011, his team implemented a bold plan that eliminated coupons and clearance racks, filled stores with branded boutiques, and used technology to eliminate cashiers, cash registers, and […]

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