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Welcome to the Agora: The Whys and Hows of Social Network Analysis (SNA) for Analytics Decision Audits

February 24, 2013



Social Network Analysis (SNA) offers a powerful, low impact method to examine the quality of organizational decision processes.  Such a tool is of interest to evidence-based managers, decision professionals, and analytics practitioners alike. Continuing our journey through ancient Greek myth and philosophy, today’s missive introduces the Agora.  The Agora was an ancient Greek assembly and […]

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The Business Analytics Achilles Heel: Organizational Politics

February 20, 2013

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Achilles Heel

The Business Analytics Achilles Heel:  Organizational Politics In spite of overwhelming power and strength, a deadly vulnerability can lead to resolute destruction.  While the current generation likely has seen this in the guise of Star Wars in the form of poor ‘Death Star’ engineering, the ancient Greeks embodied this principle in the myth of Achilles.  It is proposed that organizational […]

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Innovation management: integrated techno-economic analysis

February 15, 2013


Innovation Management

Innovation management is increasingly  fraught with uncertainties, complexity, and ‘information overload’.  Emerging analytics methods and tools can be integrated to drive and streamline decision making in complex, uncertainty-laden environments. SARK7 utilizes an integrated ‘techno-economic analysis’ process to structure and streamline innovation decision-making.  The integrated modeling and simulation framework guides strategic decision making via a like-to-like […]

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