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Y2020 B3: the great baby boomer brain drain & machine learning

June 7, 2012


Baby Boomer Retirement Brain Drain Crisis

. The en masse retirement of Baby Boomer generation professionals underway is witnessing an unprecedented ‘brain drain’ from a host of industries in the industrialized world.  Can Machine Learning methods be used to capture some of this exiting expertise?   The untimely, and arguably demographically linked, Global Economic Crisis underway has unfortunately pushed rigorous ‘expert […]

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Analytics insight from biological systems

June 6, 2012


bio- systems analytics as management metaphor

Network structures and information signaling patterns gleaned from the biological world may provide more than metaphoric insight into business analytics.  With deeper insight into biology from an information systems perspective, patterns for optimal analytics architectural solution patterns may be derived. Extrapolating from cellular signaling network research, organizations can similarly be studied using Social Network Analysis (SNA) and Multi-Agent […]

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Business analytics: 50,000 year overnight success

June 4, 2012

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From all the recent airplay on the topic of ‘analytics’, trending under the guise of rapidly proliferating marketing buzz-terms such as ‘Big Data’ and emerging computational practices such as ‘Machine Learning’, one might easily get the notion that ‘business analytics’ is a recent innovation. My mission, and the intention of this humble blog is to […]

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